Treat your loved ones a unique gift – come with us into the clouds and try to fly a real airplane themselves at rates in Moravia!


Familiarization flight is the perfect gift for all aviation fans who would like to experience something new. This event is open to all who are interested in the aircraft closer and want to experience the beauty of flying. You too can fulfill his secret dream, and for a moment to become a real pilot! And if you really fancy piloting, we welcome you in our flight school, where you can attend private pilot training aircraft PPL (A).

Cessna 172

Pilot on trial we fly on an airplane Cessna 172, which is the most widely used aircraft in its category in the world. It is a four-digit (pilot and 3 passengers) single, all-metal high-wing. For its favorable flight characteristics is ideal for sightseeing flights, pilot training and gaining first pilot experience.

Day D

On the day of your flight we recommend to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. The captain will have enough time to familiarize you with the basics of piloting the aircraft, and also for your questions. The airport can only bring about a gift voucher, camera or video camera, you’ll be able to document the entire experience, and of course a good mood and determination to test fly a real airplane.


Flights are from the international airport in Brno – Tuřany (LKTB). By public transportation to get to the bus number 76, which goes from the center of the main train station, or by car via D1, exit 201 on European streets.

Immediately upon arrival, we will take an experienced pilot, with whom you go for a security gate at the international airport lands. After a thorough briefing and familiarization with the security conditions are already comfortably seated in chairs and begin to taxi toward the runway. Shortly after launch you already captain passes control and you can start enjoying his first minutes as a pilot of the aircraft.


Brno – Vyškov – Kyjov

60 minut let / 20 minut piloting

4 000 Kč vč. DPH

1 person

vice infa


50 minut let / 50 minut piloting

5 990 Kč vč. DPH 

3 persons

vice infa

Moravský kras

60 minut let / 60 minut piloting

7 690 Kč vč. DPH 

3 persons

vice infa

* Capacity airplane 3 people.
** If you buy a ticket for one or two person, the company Icarus AG Ltd. reserves the right to transfer the agreed date of the flight to another date, in the case of unfulfilled capacities aircraft at an elected date. A new date will be communicated to the client in advance of the flight.
Prices include all taxes.

For more information or reservation call
 +420 608 266 393 or write to office@icarus-ag.com.